The Mistral Owners' Association

What does the Mistral Owners' Association do?

  • Organise events both social and sailing.
  • Provide news and information about the class through newsletters and the website.
  • Promote the class nationally to increase the membership and number of boats sailing.
  • Run the Mistral Championships once a year.
  • Assist new members with buying boats.
  • Help to get older boats back onto the water and sailing.
  • Provide support on renovation and new boat buying.
  • Develop the class and keep the boats up to date. - Work over the last few years has included updating the sailplan with new Jib, materials and a slightly more modern shape. A new manufacturer of boats has been established with a number produced off the mould.
  • Own and maintain the current production mould.
  • Work within and uphold the consitution.
  • Keep the class lively and fun with active sailing.

How do I support the class and become a member?

       The class has a number of types of membership. These are explained below:

  • Full - for current boat owners.
  • Associate - for crews, friends and family and anyone with an interest in the class heritage and what is happening in the class now and in the future.

       Click here for a copy of the membership form and join now.

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